International Viper Registry Update 20-0839

The next evolution of the International Viper Registry (IVR) with the help of the Viper Registry (VR) has been completed.

IVR Build Details

The Production Breakdown 1992 thru 2017 has been updated/completed. Please accept our apology for the long pause. We were waiting to see if FCA (or some other group) would show these results first. No one and I mean no one has posted a complete production breakdown. So with gratitude, I thank the Viper Club of America for allowing the VR to complete this portion of the IVR.

The IVR still needs significant updates, and, it is in the process of being completed. There is no timeline for the completion of Items like Interior and Wheels. That will be part of:

Build Data

The Exterior portion of the above page will be removed as it now has a new location. Other Items (i.e.. Sales data, Pilot and Marketing data) will be added to the build page.

This data has been independently researched and the IVR & VR has the VIN and Equipment List Data for all 31,956 Vipers identified on these pages. No other group, organization, association, club or site has independently done the research to determine these details and most (if not all) use data from the Viper Club of America, IVR, VR and Viper Club of America Magazines to determine production count. This very fact makes the Trolls very unhappy.

This data is not meant to be a secret, All people who own Vipers, would like to some day own a Viper, or just have a love for the Viper may find these details interesting and some have no use for it at all and we realize this kind of data is not for everyone and that is OK.

We hope that those that do have an interest find it useful. SO when Auction Houses start tossing out silly numbers because the seller heard from someone who thought they knew the answer, maybe you can find the right answer here.

The Clone war is real!!!

Have a good day!


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