International Viper Registry

Check out the link in the main menu bar and you will notice something new. IVR, the International Viper Registry.

The information in IVR is a vast accumulation of data and information on Viper, particularly the early ones. It has the potential for some great things for the Viper Club of America {VCA} and its members.

The International Viper Registry predates the VCA and was formed by one of the three founders of the VCA, Mr. Jay Herbert. Jay has most generously turned over the content of IVR to the VCA.

Jay is also an inductee of the VCA Hall of Fame. His personal and firsthand knowledge of Viper and the VCA since the beginning provide the qualification for Jay to be the official Viper / VCA Historian and Chairman of the IVR Committee as it compiles and organizes historical records, data and statistics of VIPER. A magazine issue has featured the IVR, what it is, where it is going, and how it will be another great membership feature of the VCA.

International Viper Registry

Jay Herbert added data for the Viper beginning with 1992 model year and ending with 2008 model year, not further updates where made until 2014.

At that point Jeff Gardner with the Viper Registry/Viper Truck Registry teamed up to add the model years 2010 through 2017. This work is currrently ongoing. Jeff Gardner is currently a Legacy Member of the Viper Club of Anerica and volunteers his help with the day to day upkeep of the Forum, Web Site and Social Media platforms

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